About DL-BOY

Information about this web site.

What is DL-BOY?

DL-BOY is a web site that promotes activities related to guys who like to wet themselves, to wear diapers, and or act like babies or young children (age-play).

There's many way to name those behaviours.  The most common term is infantilism.  Here's a quick list of the kind of content you can find on DL-BOY :

  • Men wetting themselves in underwear or pants;
  • Men wearing a diapers;
  • Men playing like a child / wearing childish clothes (Plastic Pants, Onesies, Bib Overalls...);
  • Corporal punishments;
  • Humiliation / Bondage usually involving wetting or diapers;
  • Different associated fetishes (Gears, Leather, Tights, ...);
  • Social events related to subjects covered by this web site;
  • Typical bi/gay sexual photos (sometimes).
Here's a list of content who are rejected on DL-BOY :
  • Girls or children;
  • Illegal underage subjects;
  • Pictures not related to fetishes or men;
  • Scat or Blood.

Is This Site Gay-Only?

As you can imagine, there are more gay than straights on DL-BOY.  But there's ABSOLUTELY NO OFFICIAL GAY ORIENTATION on this web site.  Visitor statistics shows 40% of the visitors are straight and another 20% are bisexual.  All men are welcome!  As long as you like to see the type of pictures on this site, we don't really care about your sexual orientation, just come here and have some fun.

Is Membership Free?

The basic membership is free, but paying members get access to more functions.  Most of the paying members only want to help us cover the costs of the web site and help us to keep it up and running.

THE BASIC MEMBERSHIP WILL ALWAYS REMAIN FREE.  We don't want to force members to pay.  Our goal is to let those who can't afford it the access to our site and to have a great time.

Paying members will have more advantages:

  • Better quality viewing photos (Low compression PNG file instead of 256 colors GIF files for basic members)
  • Ability to watch videos
  • Ability to manage a favorites picture(s) folder
  • Top on lists
  • and many other minor features...

Which Browsers Are Supported?

We have tested DL-BOY using several browsers/platforms, we can't however check on every configuration, we choose the following platform to tests the web site:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 on Windows XP/Vista;
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.x on Windows XP/Vista;
  • Opera 9.x on Windows Vista;
  • Opera on Wii.
  • Apple Safari on Windows XP/Vista;

We do not have any Mac to test it against usual Mac browsers like Konqueror or Safari.  Any bug reports are welcome.  Please include a screen shot of any error or display problem.

Javascript and cookies are required to navigate on this web site.  Permanent cookies are used only for those who save the password and for our Web Analytics solution.

Why DL-BOY Is Different From Other Web Sites?

There's a lot of AB/DL or Wet sites.  But DL-BOY is very special, here's why:

  • DL-BOY was the FIRST website on the Internet to be 100% dedicated to men wearing diapers and or wetting themselves.
  • DL-BOY was the FIRST community-oriented AB/DL & Wet website many years ago.
  • DL-BOY is the ONLY web site to protect the photos against unauthorized downloading.  See the question about the photo protection.
  • DL-BOY have a huge database of exclusive photos you can see.  Tens of thousands of high quality photos.  It's the biggest AB/DL & Wet photo database you can find on the Internet and still growing!
  • Basic access on DL-BOY is free and unlimited.

What is That Famous Protection?

DL-BOY is a secure community.  That's mean the main goal of the web site is to protect members from the public exposure.

Here are some the ways our security features in DL-BOY help protect you:

  • New members are required to send at least 2 photos of themselves.  This way, all members must be aware of the fetishes covered by this web site.
  • All photos in the web are protected from downloading.  Visitors cannot save them on their computer.  A lot of active security mecanisms unique to DL-BOY are there to ensure there's no unauthorized downloading of photos.
  • Reporting Mecanisms are in place.  Members may report pictures not permitted on the web site.  Could be copyright issues or simply photos of unauthorized subjects.  Violation of laws will also be reported to international authorities.
  • Active Activity Logging system - checking the activities.  Unusual activities will be logged and problematic sources could be automatically banned, depending on the situation.
  • No double login.  Users may not be logged twice at the same time on DL-BOY.

What is The Privacy Policy of This Web Site?

DL-BOY have a strong privacy policy to ensure the quality of the user experience.  Please take time to review it.

Privacy policy

Photos Stats

  • 32247x
    Diaper Lovers
  • 13498x
    Adult Baby
  • 5879x
  • 5470x
    Plastic pants & Rubber
  • 3141x
    Diapers in public
  • 2029x
    Diaper Bondage
  • 1364x
    Changing Time
  • 1318x
    Members showing off
  • 1317x
    No Category
  • 1106x
    Drawing Gallery
  • 948x
    Leather, Gear & other fetishes
  • 793x
    Diaper/wet events
  • 764x
    Sexy pics
  • 713x
    Diaper & Tights
  • 709x
    Bib Overalls & coveralls
  • 642x
    Spanking & punishments
  • 559x
    Diapers Experimental
  • 375x
    Wet in public
  • 264x
    Wet Experimental
  • 124x
  • 105x
    Shaven Guys
  • 89x
    Wet Bondage