Camp Blöja 2013

This is the information page about the CAMP BLÖJA 2013. For those who don´t know, Camp Blöja is a meeting place where DL-Boys gather to have fun. The camp, which consists of a quaint cottage on sprawling grounds, is proud to have maintained this delightful treasure. The camp is quite secluded, deep in the middle of a great forest and far from any neighbours. In fact, the nearest major city is Göteborg (Gothenburg/Sweden). This page will soon get more information.

Camp Blöja information

For those who don´t know, Camp Blöja is a meetingplace where DL-Boys gether to have fun. The camp, which consists of a quaint cottage on spawling grounds, is proud to have maintaines this delightful treasure for the last 8 years. The camp is quite secluded, deep in the middle of a great forest and far from any neighbours. In fact, the nearest major city is Göteborg (Gothenburg/Sweden).

  1. When is the next Camp Blöja?
  2. What exactly is Camp Blöja?
  3. Why we are announcing the next Camp Blöja so early?
  4. Who can attend?
  5. How do I get to Camp Blöja?
  6. How do I get to Camp Blöja from the airport?
  7. What are the accommodations?
  8. Chores? Will I have to do chores?
  9. What´s the food like?
  10. So, what do we do at Camp Blöja?
  11. What do we have to bring?
  12. What about diapers?
  13. Okay, sounds good, but how much is all this going to cost?
  14. The owner?
  15. What´s on the agenda for the first day?
  16. How do I book my reservation or get more information?
  17. Last edition (2013)

When is the next Camp Blöja?

Future Camp Blöja ? 

No plans for now. 

If we find a new house it could be possible.. 

Please check here for updates.

Information below is not updated!!




What exactly is Camp Blöja?

For those who don´t know, Camp Blöja is a meeting place where gay (or not) diaper lovers have gathered for over 22 years. Big Smile

It's an Adult-Baby/Diaper Lover (AB/DL) camp.

Why we are announcing the next Camp Blöja so early?

We are annoucing Camp Blöja early, because most employers require that requests for vacations be made during the last three months of the year. We are announcing the next gathering now so that you have plenty of time to make your travel plans. Students who would like to attend may also plan around their mid-term or final exams.

Who can attend?

Everyone (Straight/Bi/Gay) is invited. However, we reserve the right to only invite decent, charming dl-boys who are open-minded, trustworthy and absolutely non-violent. The normal age of most  of the guests is between 18 to 40 years old, but anyone of legal age can attend… as long as they´re decent, charming, open-minded, trustworthy, and absolutely non-violent. Get it?

Before you are accepted you have to send an actual picture of yourself!!!
This are valid for new participants! Please contact Sweden +nag99 for more information.

Please don't lie about your age or try to fool us by using fake photos!!! Those who do so may find themselfs returned back to the airport !!!BE WARNED!!!

We reserve the right not to accept every application!!!

How do I get to Camp Blöja?

You can get to Camp Blöja the following ways:

  1. (GOT) Landvetter - Göteborg Intl. Airport:
    • SAS offer regular flights with connections
    • London (Heathrow)
    • Copenhagen
    • Lufthansa from Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf and Hamburg
    • Sterling Airlines (check website for details)
    • KLM from Amsterdam (KLM offer many onward connections)
    • Air France from Paris (Air France offer many onward connections)
    • Brussel Airlines from Brussel
    • CityAirline (check website for details)
    • Air Berlin is now operating from Landvetter Airport!
  2. (GSE) Saeve City – Airport:
    Ryanair from London (Stansted), Prestwick (Glasgow),  Bremen, Weeze (Dusseldorf) Hahn/Eifel (Frankfurt), Alicante, Girona (Barcalona), Mardrid, Marseille, and Milan  plus more new routes all the time. (Check website for details)
    Warning!!! Ryanair is fooling the passenger with hidden taxes, fees and excess baggage! Be warned!!!
    Wizz Air from Budapest, Gdansk, Warsaw (check webside!)
  3. Via Copenhagen Kastrup and then by train:
    EasyJet from Berlin (Schönefeld), Milan (Malpensa), London (Stansted) (Check website for details!)
    Sterling (Check website for details)
    Followed by a 3 hour train journery.
    Note: These trains run regular, but please contact us for ticket prices and train times.

Good airlines go bad, Bad airlines go bankrupt! With the current climate within the airlines business the information we offer on this site are only guidelines. There will come new routes, and some route will close, and flight times will change, these are the facts of life. Please becareful before booking your flight! (last update 07FEB2012!)

  1. Ferry lines to Göteborg: 
    • Stena Lines from Kiel/Germany and from Frederikshavn/Danmark
    • New!!! Finnlines from Travemünde/Germany to Malmö/Sweden duration 9hrs (a much cheaper alternate for the Kiel/Göteborg ferry!)

      A combi-ticket by Scandlines Puttgarden - Rödby and Helsingör - Helsingborg is also advisable!
      This will save you approx. 50km via the new bridge and it is mostly cheaper!

All information was checked as being corrected via operators own website on 27AUG2012

How do I get to Camp Blöja from the airport?

We are currently organizing carpools. Our Swedish and Norwegian friends helpout with this whereever possible.

However, due to the neverending increase in the price of oil, and the effect this has on the day to day cost of petrol sadly we have had to introduce a small but acceptable surcharge for this service.

The current projected round trip cost are as following:

  • Landvetter 10.00€/person (110SEK)
  • Saeve airport 20.00€/person (220SEK)
  • Stena Ferry Terminal/Main railway station 15.00€/person (155SEK)
  • SEK prices acc. to EUR/SEK exchange rate based on 1EUR=9,50SEK.
    Pick up/Delivery fees must be paid in SEK (swedish crowns!)

People who choose flying to Saeve Airport may wish to take the local bus serivce  (60 sek oneway 110 SEK return) into the city and take the train from Göteborg central station to Bollebygd (direction to Boras).

Pick ups from the local station can also be arranged.  Please contact us.

What are the accommodations?

We have a new place. Big Smile

This is more like a boy camp place with bunk beds. We have 3 showers!
A small lake very close with a place for barbeque. And canoes.

We can also offer a WIFI-net via an UMTS-connection. No guarantees for the speed but we had good speed the last years. Hopefully the connection will be as good as the old place.

Chores? Will I have to do chores?

Room service?, en suite bathroom?, south facing room with a balcony? Try the Hilton, Camp Blöja is not a 5-star hotel. Its more like a rustic inn, in which we all chip in to help whenever it´s needed. Some of these chores can include helping in the kitchen, washing dishes (we have lots and you should be not allergic to dish washing liquid!), keeping the house clean, setting the dinner tables for all meals. Laundry duty, we have an  washing machine and outside a clothline for hanging out freshly washed cloth diapers and rubber/plastic pants. However, when it comes to doing your share of the work, we clearly do not wish to see always the same people doing the chores all the time. And we mean it!

What´s the food like?

We offer a hearty array of home-style European and International cooking. We provide a hot and cold breakfast buffet that features eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausages, cheese, fresh deli meats, cornflakes, fruits, yogurts, peanut butter, jam, honey, milk, juice, fresh baked rolls and bread, plenty of fresh coffee and tea.

Nice BBQ and once a traditonal Scandinavian Buffet to honor our great scandiavian friends with a good barrel of beer and some special snaps.

We need the help from all participants to prepare the food. So if you are good at cooking, and want to present some local speciallity from your country one evening, your help are extra appriciated. Otherwise we will serve our Swedish speciality Surströmming every evening. You can read more about it here - LINK.

Note: It is wise to inform  Sweden +nag99 of any food allergies in advance so we avoid any hospital visits. Confused

So, what do we do at Camp Blöja?

Should you wish to participate, a range of daytime activites are often fixed between the members of the camp which can included but are not limited too: breathtaking sightseing trip along the swedish west coast, swimming in our country´s beautiful lakes, hiking through our beautiful countryside and going on picnics, visits to the local towns and cities, a trip to the fun fair, and many more too many to list.
Note: We share the fuel costs on these adventures!

During the evenings, we generally enjoy each other´s company by the light and warmth of a cozy campfire. We have an open bar and an excellent bartenders with us.

Because alcohol is so expensive in Scandinavia, our liquors come from either Germany and from the Netherlands, and a polite guest always brings a bottle or two with them of course!.

We like to keep our bar well supplied, stocked with rum, vodka, gin, caipi, whiskey and …, also plenty of beer and wine.

You can drink as much as you want, but please behave!

What do we have to bring?

You must bring your own bedlinnen and towels. It is mandatory that you bring a large rubber / vinyl / protective mattress protector. We strongly urge you to bring rain gear, rubber boots, a warm sweater, and comfortable hiking boots or sneakers. Plus a bottle of sunprotection can be helpful at times.

Camp Blöja weather forecast - LINK

What about diapers?

We will do a common order again and it will shipped to the postoffice in Bollebygd Göteborg. We split the freight cost.

Note: We will ask you for your needs in july 2013. Please inform Sweden +nag99.

 Last orders July 15!!!!

You can also order your diapers with shipment to:
poste restante, NN ,404 01 Göteborg, Sweden
Please order in your own name since the Swedish Postal Services requires a ID-card/Passport for pick-up!!!


Please bring your own diapers for the first weekend! We can´t get the shipment before monday,
the 6th of august! This is if we need to order with postal transport. Last year windel77 transported all our needs Smile.

If you need info: Sweden +nag99 .

Okay, sounds good, but how much is all this going to cost?

Per Person Per night, we charge 280 Swedish crowns (SEK). This fee includes bed, food and beverages.

Payment via IBAN (international bank transfer) or via Paypal
or other ways
. And of course possible to pay at arrival.


The owner?

The owner is new to us, like the house. So please be very discrete with your luggage and do not discuss any diaper related things

until the owner left the premises!

What´s on the agenda for the first day?

Like on any holiday, on the first day we need to sort out the basics, we say our hellos, meet old friends, welcome new friends. Then we need to deal with the basic jobs like  giant shopping trips, a little light cleaning etc.

It is also the time to set up bed rooms and everything in place for the 8 days!.

Earliest arrival at ...00 the first day (August 4) !

How do I book my reservation or get more information?

Please contact me here at dl-boy  Sweden +nag99 or email me at

If you have booked and need to cancel. Please inform me as soon as possible so we can let your place go to other nice dl-boys.

Last edition (2013)

Participants of Camp Blöja 2013

Feel free and ask the above mentioned dl-boys about their great experiences at the DL-Boy Camp!

For CB2013, we have priority of bookings for 5 or more days.The booking level must be balanced out to cover the entire costs. Please feel free and contact me here under my nick Sweden +nag99 .