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Site version 4.2!

A new version of the website has just been deployed!
Please take time to appreciate it.  I'm pretty sure you'll like the changes.  If you have any problem, please write me by email by writing at the address support -at- (domain of this website).
  • New activities feed on the main page (signed-in).  The old page was pretty ugly, we hope you'll like this new way of presenting what happend recently.
  • A new photo viewer with more contextual information, specially rating and comments (more to come there).
  • A new way to rate photos by using a better system than old "radio buttons".  Now using stars.
  • The "browser checks" after login has been improved.
  • Few time-zone calculation errors has been fixed to make sure you see the time relative to your own time zone.
  • Registration page link has been fixed.
  • The web site is now using 100% HTTPS/SSL (secured & encrypted).

Known problems / coming stuff:

  • Few features are missing in the new "photo viewer".  There's a link in the footer to reach the old page to get those features:
    • Photo Edit mode not available & Photo Delete button
    • Tags edit (linking to old page for now)
    • Category
    • "Who likes this photo"
  • The chat seems to hang sometimes.  The cause has been identified and will require some effort to fix.
  • Few activities are appearing weird in new activities feed, specially new stories and new blog entries.  They will be fixed too.

If you have any problem, suggestions or just to say what you're thinking of this new version, please write to Canada +ZirchOut!


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Older news:
New web site last year


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Many advanced features are now integrated into this web site to prevent and detect users who are trying to copy the content.


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