User Agreement Page

This page defines the User Agreement for this web site.


User Agreement

By creating an account on DLBOY, you are accepting to conditions presented on this page.

You are bound to follow these rules before you can use your DLBOY account. All accounts are manually verified before your account is accepted. These rules are the basics of DLBOY and you must follow them unless you want to have your account closed.

DLBOY is only for adult men that is 18+ years. You must upload 2 images that will be used to qualify your membership on DLBOY. The images you upload must contain you in your favorite fetish, usually diaper or wet. The following type of images will not be accepted under any circumstances:

  • Images of girls
  • Explicit heterosexual images
  • Dirty / Scat diapers
  • Blood play or similar images
  • Duplicated images
  • Unauthorized/illegal copyright images (you MUST own or have the right to upload them)
  • Non-adult images or images who can be interpreted as underaged

This means that one of your images can contain your face but one of them must be you in one of our fetishes. Your account will otherwise be rejected.

Any attempt to upload images of children photos to our server will trigger the report function that will report your image and your account information to Red Cross and Interpol for further investigation. We do not care if you did this in an error... All images uploaded to DLBOY must be of you and all persons on that image must be of 18+ years. Written statement of the content of your photos must be available when asked for.

DLBOY will record certain information about you. Most of this information are related to manage sessions on the site and recognize you. DLBOY could also keep some information to prevent from illegal use of the services. Those information could also be handled by a thir party to help the site analyzing trends and usage of the users. The recorded information are:

  • Your real name (Never shown to other members, unless you allow it)
  • Your IP address (Usually unique to your Computer while connected to the Internet)
  • The time you logged into DL-BOY
  • Your region code (This is the code that identifies your country and city/state)
  • Your ISP provider (This is the name of the company you use when you access internet)
  • Your activity on the web site (This is used to improve your experience and for statistics)
  • Your personal preferences
  • All the media you can send to the web site (pictures, videos, stories)
  • Strongly encrypted incompleted financial information (This is what's needed to process recurring subscriptions for Plus Membership. This information cannot be reused by a hacker.)

If one of the bow information is denied when requested from our server, then you will be denied access until you remove the software or hardware that hides that information from us. All information collected by DLBOY will not be used outside our office unless there is a court order for it.

All members must follow normal netiquette. Do not hassle members who clearly dos not want your attention, and respect the members' « NO »... Do not give out your Phone number or address to anyone on the INTERNET unless you are certain that you can trust that user. This is for your own safety.

DLBOY uses various payment system to collect payments for subscriptions to DLBOY PLUS membership. We are using advanced techniques for protecting your financial information. When not necessary (with PayPal processor, by example), no financial information is stored. No invoices are sent by DLBOY. You may need to terminate the paying subscription before deleting your account on the site.

DLBOY is a free web site with a paying premium access. We will never force users to pay for the site, but you must know the site is financed by paying members. If you like it, you can support it.

Having at least 2 photos is required to keep your account active on DL-BOY. You should only use original photos, unscaled, unprocessed. Photos not following how strict quality requirement could be removed from your profile by moderators.

Your images should not be smaller than 500 pixels in width. You should avoid uploading photos with text (watermarks) on them. THEY CANNOT BE USED AS A PROMOTION TO ANOTHER WEB SITE. DLBOY will automatically add watermarks to all photos. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO UPLOAD MEDIAS YOU DOWNLOADED FROM OTHER WEBSITES. It would be stealing and probably illegal. All images must be owned by the member who uploads them, but DL-BOY can use them for marketing purposes or to featured a member. Obviously, the degree of privacy you choose on your photos will always be respected.

You account must always containt at least 2 images. Account with less that 2 images will be automatically desactivated and members will be asked to upload new pictures before accessing the web site again. There's also a risk that the account will be deleted during the time there's less that 2 images.

Your account will be available on our system as long as you use it. If you do not use your account for more then 2 month, then the account could be deleted without any warning. You are free to delete your account from our system when ever you want. You must know your photo could remains on the servers for a longer period, as a legal requirement. Once your photos are removed from your profile (or your profile is deleted), there's no way they could come back on the site unless you upload them again.

DLBOY is not responsible for any damage that can happen to our server. We do keep backups of our website both internal and external. DLBOY can not be held responsible for any miss use of our system that has been caused by outsiders. You should also use the "Remember my password" function with precaution. You are responsible to prevent minors from accessing this web site from your account.

Multiple users cannot share the same account. They must have their own account. DL-BOY can ban any members / IP Address without any justification.

All collected information on your profile will be used on DL-BOY only or We NEVER sell or distribute information to 3rd partys. Your email address is only used by us and not for any commercial reason other than your relation with this website.

DLBOY can use an external tool to gather anonymous navigation trends on the web site. Since DLBOY cannot manage their services, DL-BOY cannot be held responsible for any misuse of that information. But DLBOY will always try to find the best tool to ensure the security of its members.

DLBOY can use a content delivery network to improve the perfromance and reach users in all countries. Those network are usually transparent and they are not using this information for other use than help us to be a faster web site. Also, since DLBOY cannot manage their services, DL-BOY cannot be held responsible for any misuse of that information. But DLBOY will always try to find the best networks to ensure the security of its members.